"East Side" Dave McDonald & Chris "Pepper" Stanley of Sirius XM Satellite Radio and Sean "O" Barry & Roy "Shaffer" Harter of Skinny Man Studios combine for a fresh, original, sometimes hysterical, sometimes disturbing, and always unique and fun take on Movies & TV! They are...The Watchers!

Website: The Watchers

This is the final Watchers ever and they go out in style, reviewing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Spoilers beware! The Watchers love you!

Duration: 2683 secondsSize: 61.39 Mb...

This is the next to last episode of the Watchers. Dave, Pepper and Sean talk all about Fargo and count down to the next Star Wars.

Duration: 1754 secondsSize: 40.13 Mb...

In honor of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released, the Watchers break the whole thing down and let you know what you need to know. Which is everything.

Duration: 1829 secondsSize: 41.87 Mb...

The Watchers discuss the greatest HBO shows of all time. Roy derails the show and Pepper chain smokes. 

Duration: 1835 secondsSize: 41.99 Mb...

Dave is granted special access to a Star Wars event and the rest of the Watchers are super impressed. There's also a tribute to horror movie master Wes Craven

Duration: 1764 secondsSize: 40.36 Mb...

The Watchers talk about the new Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight, the brilliance of Oscar Isaac and the True Detective finale.

Duration: 2039 secondsSize: 31.1 Mb...

The Watchers break down the Star Wars footage released at Comic Con. Dave and Pepper almost come to blows. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Duration: 1853 secondsSize: 28.26 Mb...

The Watchers let you know if you should see Jurassic World. Dave quizs Chris about Game Of Thrones.

Duration: 1920 secondsSize: 29.3 Mb...

The Watchers discuss the newest Star Wars trailer and things get heated. Also, the time to drink is now!

Duration: 2059 secondsSize: 31.41 Mb...

The Watchers, minus Roy due to his untimely death, are back to talk about their Oscar picks and probably spoil Game of Thrones for you if you're not caught up with the new season. Don't worry! 

Duration: 1741 secondsSize: 26.56 Mb...
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