The only comedy podcast dedicated to coverage of true crime in New York City. * Host Pat Dixon - along with a revolving guest list of NYC-based attorneys, reporters, cops and comedians - provides a decidedly irreverent, dark and unflinching tour of true crime in the city. * New podcasts are available each week - ripped from the blood-splattered headlines of NYC's tabloid press and broadcast from the smallest room in New York City - this is a one of a kind podcast that documents the farcical evolving chaos of the new Rome.

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- A man is brutally stabbed to death in violent Brooklyn while sleeping on a Sunday afternoon, but his girlfriend's daughter. 

- A Latvian ex-pat is accused of coldly murdering her fiance during a kayaking trip. 

- An ex-con goes down in a "blaze of glory," shot to death by the NYPD in a parking lot in East New York. 

Former Daily News...

Kendra Sunderland, better known as "Library Girl," shot to internet fame when a masturbation video of her live-streaming from an Oregon State University campus library went viral. 

Unfortunately, with that fame came legal consequences. Arrested for public indecency, she now faces a fine of $6,250 and up to a year in jail. 

Kendra, who is...

A Brooklyn landlord MURDERS a tenant over unpaid rent.

An NYPC psychologist is accused of shooting her husband in the face while he slept next to her, to avoid a messy divorce.

Chinx Drugs SHOT in his Porche. DEAD


with Criminal defense attorney Jim Polk and host Pat Dixon.



One Bronx teacher under arrest for attempted rape.

Another Bronx teacher arrested for choking a 13-yr-old.

The city's most notorious bunny-hoarder is back in court. 

much much more.


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A man attacked 4 random strangers with a hammer before getting shot in midtown Manhattan by the cops.

A closer look at 550-pound gunrunner, "Wobbles" who faces a 367 count indictment.

A fun-loving grandpa takes off with his 3-yr-old grandson, they spend the night in a crack house.

Much, much more with News Whore Mandy Stadtmiller.




Criminal Defense Attorney Jim Polk explains the weed laws in New York City. 

The Etan Patz murder trial ends in mistrial.

A cop is shot in the face, a director of a homeless shelter is shot naked in the street and a group of transit-obsessed vandals threatens safety for everyone who takes the subway.



HBO Documentary "Thought Crimes" debuts Monday May 11, 9pm on HBO.

Mandy Stadtmiller, Jim Polk guest. "Thought Crimes" director Erin Carr was interviewed for this SPECIAL. 

Gilberto Valle aka "Cannibal Cop" was an NYPD police officer.

He was arrested and charged with conspiracy to kidnap, rape, murder, cook and eat his wife and a number of other...

Episode 189 with Mandy Stadtmiller

"News Whore" Mandy Stadtmiller is back, and struggles to find a way to be ladylike while discussing rape, underage prostitutes and sexual deviants like to rub against non-consenting parties. 

Judge Del Guidice sentences a predator 184 years.

A single mom recruits teen girls to get down at sex parties. 


A Bronx Peducator is uncovered by the FBI.


A man accused of raping a relative, allegedly murders his mother to keep her from snitching.


An 81-yr-old man kills the father of his great grand daughter on the little girl’s first birthday.

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Suicides, Rapes, attempted murder. 

Comedian Joe List appears! 


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