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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [01/29/2016]

Bryan Johnson [AMC ‘Comic Book Men’ / ‘Tell’em Steve Dave’] sits in with us! Matt’s sump pump issue, scary basement stories, Zombie lure, Michael Cudlitz [The Walking Dead], Discussing ‘Deadpool’, Stefan Kapicic [Deadpool], Walmart stories.

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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [01/29/2016]

Papa Johns/The X-Files, Joel Edgerton interview sample, Fat Barbie, Grease/Rocky Horror Picture Show, B.O.B’s flat earth/how do did they make maps, ‘GameSpot’ Chris Watters discusses book ’The Gamer’s Bucket List’

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Snow’s a comin’, subscription boxes, WWE Diva Becky Lynch talks 'Royal Rumble', actor Josh Radnor, Hip Hop past vs present, actor Durmot Mulroney.

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‘Billions’ creator Brian Koppelman, also talk with comedian Dan Soder & actress Catherine Callahan about their roles, artist Chris Raimo, and movies you shouldn’t have watched as a kid.

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Intro / 2sp Brewing, Christimas at Disney World, Gittles’ Gaming & Recipes, Lisa’s famous feet, Chloe Grace Moretz, ‘The Colony’, Hating on Kids in Movies, TVs, Commercials, Powerball = Whale on the Moon.

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