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IEN Show [10/28/2016]


Erik, Matt, Gittles, Kristy, and Louis are all here. Kristy's trip to Maine was the plot to most horror movies, Kristy interviewed Matt Smith for 'Nerdist', Erik is suprised that most people hated 'Rose' as a companion on 'Doctor Who', how your family annoys you on 'Facebook', Brian Shea of 'Game Informer' calls to...

IEN Show [10/21/2016]

Interviews from 2016 'New York Comic Con'

1. Netflix 'Voltron: Legendary Defender'. Tim Hedrick [Head Writer], Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery [Exec Producers], Bex Taylor Klaus ['Pidge'], Jeremy Shada ['Lance']

2. 'The Thinning'. Logan Paul [Lead/Social Media Celebrity], Michael Gallagher [Director/Writer,...

IEN Show [10/21/2016]

Interviews from 2016 'New York Comic Con'

1. Abigail Spencer returns! This time for her new show 'Timeless' on NBC. We get a little too into breaking down which theories of time travel this show is using, and how is her character related to 'Bill & Ted'???

2. Voice actor and comedic performer John Roberts comes by to...

IEN Show [10/21/2016]

Interviews from 2016 'New York Comic Con'

1. Katie Cassidy stops by and of course we have a lot to ask with 'FLASHPOINT' happening on The CW, which will effect all the DC Television Universe, What happens with her characters on 'Aarow'. Plus, we talk video games after finding she's a big gamer!

2. We meet Tyler...

IEN Show [10/21/2016]

Interviews from 2016 'New York Comic Con'

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to talk his new movie 'Desierto', his candy shop, and then we get into 'The Walking Dead' cliff hanger, the season 7 premiere, his son realizing he's 'Negan', and people who spoil things online.

2. Robin Lord Taylor makes good on his word and...

IEN Show [10/21/2016]

We address the audience about our sudden disappearance, then we discuss our time at 'New York Comic Con' 2016, plus discuss Netflix shows, including 'Luke Cage', and the news of 'Red Dead Redemption 2'.

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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [03/04/2016]

Sneaking into movies as kids, video games in VR, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailers, Louie Anderson Interview, ‘NECA Toys’ updates with Randy Falk, Mary Elizabeth Winstead interview, new ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer.

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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [03/04/2016]

Gross NYC stories/80s and 90s technology, New ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer, ‘Motherboard’ Nick Deleon & Kaleigh Rogers ‘Why Is This Still A Thing?”’

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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [02/26/2016]

Gittles ‘Supermarket Cheap’/Lisa’s friend wasn’t dead/Lisa’s flight 2 emergency landings, ‘Gravity Falls’ finale, Danai Gurira, Rated ‘R’ Batman vs Superman, Rachel Harris, Jim Norton’s ‘Chip’ animation 

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IEN HIGHLIGHT Show [01/29/2016]

Bryan Johnson [AMC ‘Comic Book Men’ / ‘Tell’em Steve Dave’] sits in with us! Matt’s sump pump issue, scary basement stories, Zombie lure, Michael Cudlitz [The Walking Dead], Discussing ‘Deadpool’, Stefan Kapicic [Deadpool], Walmart stories.

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