Holiday Show, Jodie Sweetin Andrea Barber, Brian Shea

Published December 23, 2016

[4:30] Intro

[6:21] Frank Oz / Muppets

[14:30] Star Wars 'Rogue One', CGI Likeness Rights & Ethics

[36:54] Hot Holiday Toys

[47:12] 'Game Informer' Brian Shea's holiday gaming suggestions, 'Overwatch' gay character false outrage

[1:14:22] Erik finishes 'Ready Player One'

[1:15:11] Holiday viewing suggestions

[1:42:00] 'Fuller House' Jodie Sweetin & Andrea Barber

[2:04:58] Gittles to attend a strip club wedding

[2:09:11] Christmas shopping, Christmas movies, holiday spirit is like chasing a high, 

[2:38:50] Gift Exchange

[3:10:38] Wrapping up (pun)


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