Tom Payne, Josh McDermitt, Clubsoda Kenny

Published December 16, 2016

[4:29] Intro

[7:37] Kenny read 'The Archies'/ everyone went to summer camp but Erik,

[19:05] Adult Summer Camp

[25:14] Christmas shopping

[31:23] Hess Trucks / saving your old things vs throwing it out

[42:19] More Christmas shopping, 'Amazon Go' supermarket, automated services

[51:30] Callers yell about football

[1:03:33] 'The Walking Dead' Tom Payne

[1:21:37] Mid-Season finales/replacements, 'Sherlock' returns

[1:25:17] Mikey Piff still pays for Tivo, 'Snapchat Spectacles', CSK joins instagram

[1:30:58] More 'Sherlock'

[1:35:17] New movies: Transfomers, Power Rangers, GotG2, The Mummy, 'Barbie'

[1:4504] Gittles on the phone, 'Westworld' finale

[2:15:43] 'The Walking Dead' Josh McDermitt

[2:42:22] WrapUp


[3:12:26] Wrap Up

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