IEN - Jason Ellis, Stephanie Manescu, Maureen McCormick

Published November 28, 2016

[4:10] Erik & Louis are joined by 'SiriusXM Hits 1' Mikey Piff as everyone has gone missing again! This time for Thanksgiving. We talk with Mikey about being on the red carpet for the AMA's

[12:38] Erik has a new appreciaton for Football and hockey, but the NBA is still awful

[17:06] More from the red carpet at the AMA's 

[19:10] Snapchat Spectacles, buying a whale on the black market

[25:02] Trying 'Snapchat Spectacles', and new (and pointless) social media outlets

[38:12] New technology needs to be more universal

[46:30] Hot Christmas Gifts: Spectacles, Classic NES

[51:04] Buying expensive sneakers

[1:04:13] Jason Ellis interview

[1:32:18] Thanksgiving becoming 'Friendsgiving'

[1:48:35] Stephanie Manescu interview

[2:19:20] Black Friday Christmas Shopping

[2:33:53] Maureen McCormick interview

[2:54:03] Wrap Up

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