IEN: Doctor Strangeception, Victoria Justice, Madison Davenport

Published November 04, 2016

Seg 01 [03:00]The Daily Show isn't doing well, we enjoy John Oliver, Matt is raising for money for charity with 'Movember', issues with Fox's 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', Women's soccer is violent, Kristy subscribed to another monthly snack box, [41:22] Victoria Justice [57:34] Gittles sees 'GWAR', Kristy finished moving, celebrated her birthday at home watching 'Train To Busan', Kristy getting quoted for new movie trailers, Why spending New Years Eve alone is the best, we are introduced to 'Scramball', did the pirate 'Bluebeard' influence 'Blue Tooth', remembering our yearbook quotes, New Years in NYC is terrible, exit strategy for parties, Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' movie, is it worth voting in this presidential election. [2:02:16] Madison Davenport [2:40:52] Wrap Up


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