Erik Nagel, Matt OG, Gittles & Krisy Puchko, discussing topics of the new mainstream! Television, movies, internet trends, social issues, video games, food/beer reviews, comics, books, collectibles, toys, and more. Celebrity interviews, industry interviews, and traveling to Cons, breweries, and live event around the country.

SEGMENT 01 Kristy's returns from her secret trip to Australia. We discuss weird Austrailian animals and sea life, drinking Vimto and eating Tim Tams, the movie 'Girl Asleep'.

SEGMENT 02 Jessica Capshaw

SEGMENT 03 The audio is lost, but here is what we discussed: 'The Walking Dead' to tone down the violence, HBO's 'The Young Pope', Lucifer, The CW...

SEGMENT 01 Kristy's flight back from Austrailia was delayed. We discuss Sherlock season 04 until Gittles showed up who wasn't caught up. What filming in NYC brings, and we talk to Gregg Wilson of 'Wrecking Ball Helmets'.

SEGMENT 02 Malin Akerman

SEGMNET 03 We discuss new trailers for 'Baywatch', 'Chips' and 'Santa Clarita Diet'. Did the release date...


Guests: Royce & Marie from 'More Like Radio'


First show back in 2017. We discuss our 'New Years Eve' plans, 'Wendy's' account owning people on Twitter, Gittles had a root canal, Matt sets up his new TV and PS4, and what games we've been enjoying. 


We discuss the 'Free Fire' movie trailer, Drew Barrymore's new movie...

Intro / NYE Special P01 with Erik, Matt OG, and Big Kev

[44:16] Laser Time's 'Talking Simpsons' episode 'Homer At The Bat' special guest Erik Nagel

[1:34:12] NYE Special P02 with Erik, Matt OG, and Big Kev

[2:03:44] Plugs

[2:06:32] BONUS: 'The Loudcast' hosted by Louis Johnson, special guest Erik Nagel

SOCIAL MEDIA @erockradio @GeekstuffOG...

[4:30] Intro

[6:21] Frank Oz / Muppets

[14:30] Star Wars 'Rogue One', CGI Likeness Rights & Ethics

[36:54] Hot Holiday Toys

[47:12] 'Game Informer' Brian Shea's holiday gaming suggestions, 'Overwatch' gay character false outrage

[1:14:22] Erik finishes 'Ready Player One'

[1:15:11] Holiday viewing suggestions


[4:29] Intro

[7:37] Kenny read 'The Archies'/ everyone went to summer camp but Erik,

[19:05] Adult Summer Camp

[25:14] Christmas shopping

[31:23] Hess Trucks / saving your old things vs throwing it out

[42:19] More Christmas shopping, 'Amazon Go' supermarket, automated services

[51:30] Callers yell about football

[1:03:33] 'The Walking Dead' Tom...

[0:45] Intro

[7:50] Channel Update

[10:34] 'Sigmund The Seamonster' reboot 

[12:47] Saturday Morning Cartoons: Greatest Hits CD, 'Josie & The Pussycats' movie, 

[21:18] CW 'Riverdale', 'Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again' [1990], 

[31:37] Thanksgiving: Matt's basement, Gittles' 'Casper' mattress, Kristy sees 'Moana', Erik's...

[4:10] Erik & Louis are joined by 'SiriusXM Hits 1' Mikey Piff as everyone has gone missing again! This time for Thanksgiving. We talk with Mikey about being on the red carpet for the AMA's

[12:38] Erik has a new appreciaton for Football and hockey, but the NBA is still awful

[17:06] More from the red carpet at the AMA's 

[19:10] Snapcha...

[1:53] Everyone's back. Kristy went to London for another secret on-set interview

[36:09]  Kevin Kraft joins us to discuss 'Mad Scientist Party Hour'

[43:00] Everyone finally saw 'Doctor Strange' and discussion of other comic stories

[1:13:00] 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' stars: Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol

[1:14:19] 'Fa...

[04:04] 'Bennington' show's Chris Stanley and Vito Calise discuss their obsession over the reality show 'Big Brother' and their podcast venture 'Big Brother & The Holding Company'.[41:38] An attempt to understand both Trump's election as POTUS and why so many people are upset and scared for the future.[1:32:37] 'BlizzCon 2016' discussions...

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