Episode 75: Pocket Pinball Wizard

Published January 01, 2017

Happy new year, everybody. To start the year off right, Danish and O'Neill cooked up one humdoozy of a show. O'Neill shares breaking Bushman news. Well, not really, but there is a "where's Bushman" update, which is a lot harder than Where's Waldo ever was. Speaking of updates, we talk some Nick Diaz. In a story that's right in the Danish and O'Neill wheelhouse, we discuss a security guard visibly pleasuring himself under his khakis on an NFL field, as he stands about five feet away from cheerleaders. We pay homage to the inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver and discuss a beautiful eulogy for one hell of a man. We try to tackle Dikembe Mutombo's full name (just like his dingus...it's a mouthful...allegedly). The Danish thinks he found O'Neill's soulmate and tells him about her. We also tackle a story about what could be the most annoying support animal ever. In yet another story, we talk about two brave women thwarting an armed robber with sex toys. O'Neill shares a listener's harrowing tale of never farting in front of her man and vice versa. Danish shares an old hunter's advice about fighting a big cat. Breaking Danish and O'Neill science coverage: we discuss an article about why humans evolved to the point where a penis bone was no longer necessary. O'Neill discusses an insane fitness plan for 2017. We end the show with some solid Seagal banter and sound clips. Live it. Love it. Llama it.
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