Episode 74: Jumbo Mutombo

Published December 18, 2016

Shinpei, everyone and welcome to yet another episode of Danish and O'Neill. We recap our weekend hanging out with GSP and his bff David Loiseau. Then, we get into a GREAT story about fan favorite, Dikembe Mutombo. The audio is just gold, baby. After that, we discover that someone we know is working on the Bill Cosby trial. For you gearheads, there's some O'Neill automotive talk. For the first time ever, we have a Razor Ramon story on the show. About damn time! Then, we get to what you guys all know and love: some hardcore mountain lion talk (or cougar, whichever nomenclature you prefer). There's a quick Seagal update. O'Neill has a shocking tale to tell about his family. Danish discusses something that happened at the Y that really upset him. There's some other shenanigans as well. Farty on, Wayne.
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