Episode 73: Christmas 'n Criminals

Published December 11, 2016

Awwwww yeah, you and your mother's favorite podcast is back for another great week of content. We come out of the gate HOT with a story about a young North Carolina boy's run-in with a Santa. Next, we get to a mannequin challenge that resulted in some arrests. Keeping with the theme of criminals, we discuss a story about a woman who gave cops more than they bargained for when they arrested her. Next stop, Delaware, for a sex shop that has a Santa outside, so kids can take pics with him. After that, there's a LONG awaited Gary Keillor update! Then, right back to criminals for a Walmart round-up. O'Neill refuses to admit that Indiana is losing it when we talk about a story out of Bloomington. Danish discusses some sauna chemistry. We also discuss the story of a woman whose last name is Hotlodes who loves nachos. We close the show with some brief MMA talk. Enjoy the show, ya weirdos.
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