Episode 70: The Pork Pony

Published November 20, 2016

Howdy, partners. Wow, what an episode. Where to begin? How about the beginning? The theme song really came in full throttle this week. It will get your blood pumpin' and burn at least 80 calories (allegedly). To start off, O'Neill shows off his business prowess by recalling an unbelievable idea he had back in the day that's making headlines lately. We briefly get into a new Thanksgiving term. Spread it like gonorrhea. Danish tells a story about two British laaaaadies and then we switch gears and start talking about Connie Mac (briefly). For fans of the air raid siren, this next segment will really wet your (meat) whistle. We discuss what colleges are doing to soothe students who are disappointed by the result of the election. After that, we explain why Italy is the leading country when it comes to pervertry. Barb sends in yet another story, and this time it's about a shocking case of domestic abuse that is not being talked about. O'Neill gets a real kick out of an article about the toy hall of fame. We also get into a lengthy segment about one of the GREATEST martial artists of all time. Enjoy this podcast, your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and your Monday (if you believe in it as a day of the week). Keep on fartin' in the free world.
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