Episode 67: Why, Scottie, Why?!?

Published October 31, 2016

In this riveting Halloween episode, we provide many tricks and treats. We start off by telling about some "interesting" experiences we've both had lately. O'Neill talks about what it's like to be a hero (you'll see). We discuss a clown story from Stockton! O'Neill takes a closer look and weighs in on if he thinks the story is a hoax or not. Later, we give a 60 Days In update that will BLOW YOUR MIND (make sure you're sitting down for this one). We go over two stories about gaming and the pitfalls one can run into in a virtual world. We also discuss another teacher of the year candidate. There's even some random sports talk (MMA included). Listen to the end for celebrity cameos. Good day to all and happy Halloween! (apologies for the Danish mistakes this episode...he is currently whipping himself to repent)
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