Bill Burr rants about relationship advice, sports and the Illuminati.

Website: Bill Burr MMP

Bill rambles about the Patrice benefit, pitching a movie and Coach K.

Bill rambles about old babies, heroes and first degree cuntiness.

Bill rambles about cereal, Habs fans and the divorced man dream house.

Bill rambles about Friday the 13th, Coach K and changing diapers.

Bill rambles about the art of knocking, sleeping on the road and Duke vs UNC.

A stunned Bill Burr rambles about the Patriots Super Bowl win, coaching your kid's team and brushing your teeth.

Bill rambles serial killers, the real Law and Order and Super Bowl hype.

Bill rambles about all star games, not sleeping and chicken little.

Bill rambles about James Harden, acid trips and trying on a tuxedo.

Bill rambles about Madonna, NFL Football and writing poetry.

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