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Patrice Oneal (December 7, 1969 - November 29, 2011)

Fun Facts about Patrice:

Known for going to Rio de Janiero, bringing with him a steel briefcase filled with various glass dildos, and using said glass dildos on Brazilian prostitutes while saying "Calmo, calmo" ("Calm, calm" in Portugese) and rubbing her stomach to soothe the violently orgasming prostitute.


Was imprisoned for statutory rape for 2 months when he was 17 years old for a consensual encounter with a caucasian girl of 15. He told the story on the air with Opie and Anthony on December 15, 2005. Prior to that airing, Patrice had never shared the story publicly.

On July 13, 2010, Patrice revealed that he couldn't cross the border into Canada because of his rape conviction.

While driving back from a gig, Patrice stopped at a rest area to get some sleep when a man walked up to his car saying "It's cold out here." Patrice thought the guy was just cold and told him to go indoors to warm up. After the guy walked back to his own car, Patrice realized the guy wasn't really cold and he was actually looking for gay sex. (told on January 16, 2006, after the 1st break)

During talk about American Idol and one of the sexually-confused messes that appeared on it, Patrice mentioned how men can't sing certain songs without changing the lyrics. It was during this exchange that "It's Raining Stuff" was born (January 19, 2006).

During the Homeless Charlie controversy, Patrice appeared on The Big Story with John Gibson on the Fox News Channel and was so obscene Gibson had to apologize for his comments.

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