What happened in the world of O&A in 2002?


  • March - Anthony and Jennifer officially settle their divorce.
  • May 9 - The Dead Monkey Hummer at WYSP.
  • May 14 - The infamous Eddie the Murderer calls in.
  • May 17 - O&A play tracks from Eminem's upcoming album The Eminem Show without permission.
  • August 15 - During the Third Annual Sex for Sam competition, a couple (Brian Florence and Loretta Harper) was allegedly caught having "Pew-Rocking Sex" in Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Both of the contestants, as well as their spotter, Paul Mercurio were arrested and taken downtown. Opie and Anthony both knew immediately that this was the big one, and they would most likely be out of jobs.
  • August 16 - Opie and Anthony go on live, alas for the last time. Neither of the bbboys were allowed to speak of the incident, referring to it only as thePeanut Butter and Jellyincident. The first thing broadcast over the air that day was Opie uttering the words "We're F-'ed". The last words were "Your Mom's Box".
  • August 22 - Infinity Broadcasting made the announcement that The Opie and Anthony Show had been cancelled. However, they had not been fired. Infinity continued to pay out the remaining two years of their contract. O&A were not allowed to work elsewhere until the contract expired.


To Make it a little easier I split 2002 in to 8 parts.

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