What happened in the world of O&A in 2001?


  • May- Opie and Anthony's contract is up for renewal, but no one at Infinity Broadcasting is sure how to proceed. On one hand, there is major controversy surrounding some of the radio bits and promotions, like Sex for Sam, the 55 Gallon Drum Challenge, and the Homeless Shopping Spree, but on the other hand, the outstanding ratings and the duo's confidence in their show suggested that the next logical step would have to be syndication.
  • June 11- After taking a 2 week break while their contract was in limbo, Opie and Anthony returned to the airwaves, now syndicated to 94.1 WYSP in Philadelphia. Over the next 6 months, syndication was expanded to 18 additional markets, including WJFK in Washington, DC, and WBCN in Boston.
  • August- Opie and Anthony return to the Boston airwaves, syndicated on WBCN, the rival station of their former home, WAAF.
  • September 11- The 9/11 terrorist attacks. O&A broadcast outside of Manhattan because of the chaos in the city. In the weeks following the attack, O&A show another side of themselves as they take calls from people affected by the attacks.
  • December 11- Homeless Shopping Spree 2001.


To make it easier on you I split the year into 4 parts. They are not dependent on each other to open.

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