What happened in the world of O&A in 1998?


  • April 1-Opie and Anthony'sApril Fools Day Prankon Mayor Menino of Boston. For their annual April Fools prank, Opie called a severely hung over Anthony bright and early with the idea "Let's tell all of Boston that Mayor Menino died in a fiery car crash!". Anthony agreed. The fallout from this prank was far greater than anyone had anticipated. It gained citywide attention and news coverage, and was made worse by the fact that Mayor Menino could not be reached at the time because he was in the air on his way back from Florida.
  • April 2-Opie and Anthony's last live show on WAAF.
  • April 9-Opie and Anthony are fired.
  • The bbboys are signed to legendary New York rock station 102.7 WNEW. Over the next year, they were locked in battle with the other DJs, due to their interjection of humor between songs. "Shut up and play the music" was heard all too often.
  • June 26-Opie and Anthony's first show on WNEW.

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